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UA won't bus fans to Cleveland

By mrasor Published: March 6, 2007

Men's basketball

Aside from the hardcore AK-Rowdies, the university won't bus students to Cleveland, like in years past.

The Buchtelite's editorial board, of which I am part, absolutely let UA hear about it.

I realize the Rowdies deserve it more than anyone, but UA needs to take advantage of bandwagoners. Remember the Motor City Bowl? Hardly anyone would say bringing that many students -- whether they were true fans or not -- was a mistake.

Someone needs to be taken to task for this. It's not too late to order a fleet of buses for the weekend games.


It's not like the university is only screwing up.

It hired a contractor for the new on-campus football stadium, which will cost $54 million and sit between the field house and Exchange Street.

I think the extra enrollment it attracts should help offset the cost in the long run. I, for example, am choosing Akron over Case Western for law school partly because I want to be on campus when it opens.

The Buchtelite will have more on the story Thursday.

Credit a poster for finding that video link.

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