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Video of Linhart's tip

By mrasor Published: January 18, 2008

Men's basketball
Here is an amateur clip of the final play from last night from YouTube..
I missed SportsCenter today. Does anyone know if Nate Linhart's shot made the Top 10? It really should have.
More on Bubba...
Last night, Bubba Walther would build up confidence for a few minutes, then release it with an adrenaline-filled 3 pointer. To make a long jump shot, you must have your wits about you. In my mind, that defines a good clutch player. It's not who's the best shooter or who practices hardest; it's who can be calmest under intense pressure. I digress.
The fans won the game for Akron last night. Walther is a much better shooter than what he demonstrated under that fan-created pressure. He is simply not a clutch player. Sure, Linhart's tight defense played a role, but Walther usually drills a few wild 3s. The two 3s he hit last night were fairly reasonable shots.
That said, I empathize with Bubba. Did he really deserve such harsh treatment? I don't think so. His crime was leaving town because of a perception of diminished playing time. Of course, he took a parting shot at Nick Dials. He also cost the team money by traveling to Puerto Rico before announcing his transfer -- even though his mind was made up. Watching him warm up and converse with teammates, the guy appears to be introverted. But he's a senior, so he shows some of that forced, unnatural leadership. That is probably why he screamed a few times and jawed with fans.
This is college basketball, where J.J. Redick's mother became the focus of stadiums across the ACC. Akron fans could have been worse than chanting "Bubba sucks." Still, you have to feel bad for an amateur athlete whom fans treat so poorly.
This is not to take away from the AK-Rowdies' accomplishment. They came prepared out with signs and loud voices. I mean it when I say they were the difference in the game. They disgraced Walther and fired up Akron's defense to limit a good Bobcats offense to 54 points. You just have to feel some sympathy for Walther. Don't you?

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