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Waddell and Zips marketing win big

By mrasor Published: June 28, 2006


Akron won two national awards for its athletics advertising the past year.

You know, the marketing that basically made people care.

I'm talkin' Fear the Roo, baby!

Congrats to former UA marketing genius Mike Waddell and his staff. This stuff is almost as important as what goes on between the lines.

Here is the moment I realized Fear the Roo hit it big: At a poker tournament, my friend -- an Ohio State student -- yelled "Fear the Roo, m----- f-----!" after staying alive on an all-in.

Men's basketball

Tonight is always one of my favorite nights of the year -- the NBA Draft.

Although no team will select a Zips player, it always interests me to see how superstar college players do not translate to the NBA because they lack size, speed, etc.

This may sound idiotic, but looking at the Zips roster, an NBA executive might say Quade Milum is Akron's best chance for a future NBA player. His athleticism and length give him potential, as we witnessed during the NIT game against Temple.

That said, I haven't seen Jimmy Conyers play against college players. (Although, he did help beat the tar out of my rec league team last winter.) Romeo Travis and Dru Joyce can play professionally, overseas perhaps, but don't appear to have a chance of being drafted.

In case you care, I hope the Cavaliers draft Spanish point guard Sergio Rodriguez. If one of the top-tier point guards fall, then I'd rather have him. My fellow blogger Brian Windhorst thinks it could be Texas point guard Daniel Gibson.

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