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Who is North Texas?

By mrasor Published: September 18, 2006


I watched part of North Texas' opener against Texas.

It was your usual story of a mid-major team in way over their heads and the Mean Green lost 56-7.

Texas was a bad loss, but NTU rebounded against Southern Methodist. NTU won 24-6.

The Mean Green returned to futility against Tulsa this weekend, losing 28-3.

So it's a matchup of two 1-2 teams. Both records are deceiving. Akron put up great fights in its losses. The Mean Green brought a fly swatter to a nuke fight in their defeats.

But you're wondering, who is NTU, what can they do and what can't they do?

  • You've probably heard of Jamario Thomas. He's NTU's stud running back who looked destined for Sundays until last year's injury-filled season. Still, he's a formidable back who is one of the best runners Akron will see this year.

  • Senior wide receiver Johnny Quinn and senior offensive lineman Dylan Lineberry are also solid players.

  • Unfortunately for Quinn, NTU has rotated three quarterbacks this season and only passed 11 times against Tulsa.

  • On defense, NTU is solid at linebacker and safety. The run defense is shaky, though. The Zips offensive line should have little problem protecting Luke Getsy. Let those bruises heal, buddy.

  • The opening betting line has Akron as a favorite of between 15 and 17.5 points.

  • It's 2 a.m. I'll post more tomorrow.
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