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Why you haven't seen the stadium plan

By mrasor Published: July 6, 2007

UA is still stalling on presenting me with the $2 million stadium plan.
A week ago, the university gave me a computer-generated rendering that the media already published. That won't cut it.
The general counsel, or possibly the president's office, is concerned that the public will see the details and believe it's the finished product.
First of all, I told the university officials that I will add a big, fat disclaimer: THIS IS NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT. And even if I didn't write that, is the public going to see too few luxury boxes and start picketing on Buchtel Common?
Second, if this plan is so far from final -- and let's pretend it is -- why would UA spend $2 million of taxpayer money on a rough draft?
Third, it's illegal to withhold the plan from me or any citizen, according to Ohio's open records laws. Basically anything a public university does is open to the public (because, ya know, we actually pay for it).
In my four years of working for the Buchtelite, I noticed a couple things about the administration. First, they're genuinely good people -- very friendly. Second, they aren't used to dealing with a college newspaper that knows what it's doing. Even routine police reports became a hassle because administrators had never really dealt with students who knew the laws.
So here I sit, pressed between dozens of fans who are anxious to see what their taxes produced for their favorite football team, and between an administration that doesn't want to budge for a lowly blogger without a legal department.
Well, the blogger is in the process of developing a legal department. Stay tuned.

    A note...
    Kent State's football slogan is "Every Minute." You Photoshoppers know what that means. Kiel Fleming, I'm talking to you.
    And a new offer...
    Adedeji Adeoba, outside linebacker, Hollywood, Fla. Offers: Akron, Iowa State, Central Michigan and Middle Tennessee State Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 198 Speed: 4.55 Notes: Adeoba has a 2.8 GPA and bench presses 330. Rivals has no stories about him. Scout does not mention him, either. Likelihood: Despite their relative proximity and similar size of programs, Akron does not compete often with Iowa State or MTSU. The Zips have a wealth of young linebackers on the roster already. Adeoba seems like an athlete in the mold of Doug Williams.
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