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By admin Published: August 30, 2008

Hello folks, Dan Kadar here live blogging for an absent Mike Rasor.
Game over. Wisconsin 38, Akron 17. Not embarrassing, but there are some things the Zips clearly need to work on. The positives were Chris Jacquemain actually not looking awful, Dennis Kennedy and Andrew Johnson looking pretty good in limited carries and receiver Deryn Bowser. He finished with five catches for 76 yards. He kind of looked like a dependable receiver that this team really needs.
(2:52) Hey, the Zips just covered the spread! So, there's that at least.
(2:46) Chris Jacquemain just unleashed a calamity of errors which fortunately only ended up being an incomplete pass.
(2:44) It's a little surprising Matt Rodgers wasn't in this drive for the Zips. It's not like Jacquemain has been tering it up. It would be nice to see what Rodgers could do in real in-game action.
(2:42) Andre Jones is not having a good day. That is all.
(2:32) The pass by Andrew Johnson looked neat, but why in a game you're losing by 28 points, why unleash trick plays? Wouldn't you want to keep those in reserve for a game that will matter? Still, Johnson has probably been the most positive part of this game.
(2:25) Kiel is happy. Wisconsin is getting close to covering the spread. He is a true Zips fan.
(2:24) Brookhart needs to really decide if Tyler Campbell should be getting this much playing time on the defense. It seems like he's been on the bad end of a lot of plays. Each Wisconsin running back is averaging more than five yards per carry. That is a big problem.
(2:15) Having tasty pizza makes Wisconsin's 21-point lead a little more palpable (I bet Rasor never gives you valuable insight like that). Anyway, it's clear following this game, that the Zips need Ryan Bain to get healthy to anchor the defensive line.
(1:51) Just as the Zips were starting too look good stopping the run, they give up another huge gain to PJ Hill. That's reason enough for me to run out and pick up some pizza. Against a power runner like Hill, this shows some of the weaknesses of the 3-3-5. The Zips defensive backs are having a real hard time making tackles.
(1:47) One thing the Zips are going to be able to take from this game is the play of the offensive line. For the most part, Jacquemain has remained free of pressure. So that can't be the excuse for why he keeps over- and under-throwing receivers.
(1:21) 17-10 going into halftime, which is a much more positive outlook than this live blog might indicate. We'll see how much more PJ Hill gets the ball again in the second half. He did really well in the first quarter, but didn't get as many carries in the second half.
(1:17) I figured the Badgers would score and we'd call it a half. Instead, Bryan Williams gets an interception return to the Wisconsin 40-yard line.
(1:14) As bad as the game started off, at least the Zips defense has started paying a little better. The pass coverage, playing three or five yards off the wide receiver, is a little puzzling, but it's saved the Zips from getting burnt on any deep passes. It will be interesting to see how this defense does against a passing team.
(1:09) Andre Jones is already back on defense. That's odd. I wonder if that's alrady a permanent thing.
(1:03) Even if the Zips don't score here, the Zips are putting together a second straight nice drive.
(12:54) Nice drive by the Zips end with a touchdown to Merce Poindexter, the captain of the offense. It looks like the Zips did a lot of option read plays on that drive.
(12:50) In this game, is breaking the 50-yard line considered a moral victory? Bowser makes a nice first impression with a leaping catch.
(12:48) A plus! Andrew Johnson has looked pretty good at running back and Dennis Kennedy continues to get positive yards. On the negative, Andre Jones just got hit in the chest with the ball. And didnt catch it. Again, this team cannot afford to make stupid mistakes.
(12:39) After one quarter, the best thing to say is that at least the scoring pace has slowed down some. Maybe the second quarter will be better.
(12:34) It seems like every other Wisconsin play on offense goes for at least seven yards, which is alarming. The Zips are packing the line, but it's not doing much to help against the run. Even Wisconsin's backups are loking good against this defense.
(12:28) Penalties are starting to pile up for Akron on the second drive. Already two false start penalties. On a team that is going to be an underdog in most games, the Zips can't be committing stupid penalties like that. Jacquemain looked good batting the ball down after it was tipped. Maybe he has a place on the Zips volleyball team.
(12:21) It's already 14-0 and there is still seven minutes left in the quarter. This is going to be a long day. Hopefully no one gets hurt.
(12:19) Hill just broke a long run all the way down to the 1-yard line. That's a 47-yard run. He's gotta be near 100 yards. Will he hit 250 or 300 for the day? And where have teh Zips linebackers been all game?
(12:15) One Zips drive, one three and out. But hey, at least Chris Jacquemain has good pocket presence to throw the ball away. Oof. Dennis Kennedy looked good on first down, though.
(12:10) It's only Wisconsin's first drive and things already look poor. Their running back, P.J. Hill, is clearly going to have a big day. Oh, Wisconsin just scored. Watching compatriot Kiel Fleming thinks Wisconsin scoring 62 points is a conservative estimate.

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