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Four Zips sign free agent contracts

By mrasor Published: April 29, 2008

They didn't hear their names this weekend, but Jabari Arthur (Chiefs), Davanzo Tate (Jets) Nate Robinson (Giants) and Kris Kasparek (Dolphins) will get a shot at the NFL.
Each signed free agent contracts.
Kasparek is excited about his opportunity with Bill Parcels.
Women's basketball
Tom Gaffney wrote an interesting story about the five Zips whom Jodi Kest dismissed for violating team rules.
Mack Rhoades supports the decision, which led to three starters, including Sarah Tokodi, being dismissed. Tokodi's dismissal comes as a surprise because she seemed like an ideal, good-character player for a rebuilding program.

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Bills draft Corner in fourth round

By mrasor Published: April 27, 2008

Reggie Corner is going to Buffalo as the Bills' fourth-round pick, No. 114 overall.
The aptly named cornerback is the fourth Akron player in as many years to be selected in the fourth round or better.
The Bills also chose a cornerback with the 11th overall pick in Leodis McKelvin from Troy.
Although Kris Kasparek, Davanzo Tate, Mike Schepp and Jabari Arthur did not get drafted, each will probably get an invitation to camp.

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By mrasor Published: April 24, 2008

Football discussed the draft potential for eight MAC players.
Two are Zips: Kris Kasparek and Nate Robinson. Kasparek is sliding down to offensive tackle, where he has more professional upside. Robinson has the NFL body, but his work ethic is iffy. Both could go in the sixth or seventh rounds.
Other Akron players to watch on Saturday include Jabari Arthur, Reggie Corner, Davanzo Tate and Mike Schepp.

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Akron looking for three-peat in NFL Draft

By mrasor Published: April 22, 2008

It may be a long shot, but Jabari Arthur, Reggie Corner and Davanzo Tate are trying to give Akron its third player selected in the NFL Draft in as many years. Some publications believe it's more likely that you might think.
That first story comes from the Buchtelite, as does this story about the rally to save Manny's Pub. The owner, Manny Nemer, claims his bar is "staying right here" and that $1.04 million is not enough to relocate. Make your own conclusions this time. I'm sick of getting nasty text messages about what I write.
Men's basketball
Zip Watcher, a moderator at, has a great idea.
He suggests the AK-Rowdies support Zeke Marshall, who will be in town for the King James Shooting Stars Classic this weekend.
Marshall is the best player Keith Dambrot has ever pursued. He is the No. 61 player in the nation, according to

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Corner, Schepp visit Browns

By mrasor Published: April 18, 2008

Departing Zips seniors Mike Schepp and Reggie Corner have visited Berea for private workouts with the Browns, according to Dan Kadar.

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Property owners grasp at straws

By mrasor Published: April 17, 2008

Harry Jackson, the owner of the Odd Corner and Akron alumnus, decided that he will bequeath his $2 million estate to Kent State because Akron is closing his business for the new stadium.
Jackson's money will go to the gays, lesbians, etc. at Kent State. Originally he planned for that money to go to the "alternative lifestyle" students at Akron.
Meanwhile, Manny Nemer is staging a march from his business Manny's Pub to the Student Union on Friday afternoon. This is to "raise awareness" for small business owners. Oh, and the march members will finish up their civic duty with a bunch of booze at Manny's, so certainly some profits are to be had.
With all due respect for Nemer, who is the definition of the American dream, and Jackson, who put away quite a stash from his small tobacco paraphernalia shop, this batch of sour grapes is pathetic.
The framers of our nation foresaw the need to take a private business or home for the public benefit. They had sympathy for these private business owners by requiring the government to pay just compensation.
We all know how this will end. If Jackson wants to take it out on Akron students, that's his perogative. Personally, I won't mind seeing that kind of money spent at Kent State anyhow. I also have skepticism that 1) he really intended to give the money to Akron and 2) he really changed his decision. (Your will is not final until you die.)
As far as Nemer goes, the university is offering him whiskey barrels of cash ($1.05 million). He has plenty to re-establish his bar -- which he intended to renovate anyhow. Jackson also got a sweetheart deal with the university setting him up with another spot on the other side of Exchange Street. Akron students would be justified in boycotting him.
This will all work out for everyone. Bitterness helps no one.

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By mrasor Published: April 16, 2008

Dave Ruthenberg at compiled blurbs about each team's spring.
Take a look. I wrote the Akron part.
Also, here is another link to Dan Kadar's Browns blog.

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Rocky first year in Canada for Reid

By mrasor Published: April 15, 2008

The Buchtelite's Adam Ferrise wrote about Jermaine Reid's first year in the Canadian Football League.
Reid got hurt last season, but he hopes his next year in "America Jr." will be more productive, maybe even catching the eyes of NFL scouts.
Speaking of the Buchtelite, props to Vincent Dorsey, who recently won his second John S. Knight Scholarship. It's good to see Akron pumping out solid writers like Ferrise and Dorsey, even though the university lacks a journalism school.
And while we're talking about Buchtelite people (or former ones), here is the link to Dan Kadar's Browns blog.

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Recruiting updates

By mrasor Published: April 12, 2008

As J.D. Brookhart and Co. travel the country in search of new Zips, expect the amount of scholarship offerees to increase.

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Slow time for Zips news

By mrasor Published: April 10, 2008

Now that basketball season and football spring practices are over, there isn't much Zips news to pass along.
It comes at a convenient time for me because school is getting really hectic. I still look for news every day and keep my ears open.
Oh, and congrats to Roo Fan for winning the Bracket Challenge. Danny K's Picky Picks and Zipper10 rounded out the top three.
Speaking of Danny K, aka Dan Kadar, he has a Cleveland Browns blog on I can't find the link this moment, but once I do, I'll post it.

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Scrimmage synopsis; spring wrap-up

By mrasor Published: April 5, 2008

KSU taps Ford to take over

By mrasor Published: April 1, 2008

Men's basketball

Kent State will tap current assistant Geno Ford to become its next head coach, the Associated Press reports.
As a former diminutive shooting guard at Ohio University, Ford knows the MAC. He will have plenty of talent next season, which should alleviate the acclimation process.
The question for me is: Will Ford continue to bring in quality junior college players, or will he rebuild with high school athletes?

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