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Zips basketball: Observations on the loss to Creighton

By George Thomas Published: December 9, 2012

This is going to sound like a recording....

  • The Zips had few answers for Doug McDermott, the Creighton sharpshooter:  McDermoot hit 66 percent of his shots (10-of-15 shots, including 6-of-8 from the three) and scored a total of 30 in the game.  McDermott looked wide open on most of his shots as the Bluejays did a great job of freeing him up for looks. 
  • The Zips need to clean things up defensively.  There's little doubt of that as Creighton shot better than 48 percent in the game.  It's the second consecutive game that opponents have shot better than 47 percent on them.  If they don't clean that up with all due haste, it will continue to haunt them all season.
  • UA got crushed on the boards38-30 in the game, including 12-9 on the offensive glass. That's not a good trend.  With Zeke Marshall and Demetrius Treadwell in the front court, you'd think those numbers would be a wash, yet it's an area where the Zips, for the early part of the season, struggle.
  • They don't take advantage of opportunities.  They turned the ball over 11 times, not a bad mark for a game, but it's what happens after them that matters.  In the case of Creighton, they scored 14 points off TOs.  Conversely they had just eight, but the Zips only got two points off them.
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