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Zips basketball: Time difference no bother for team against St. Mary's

By George Thomas Published: November 11, 2013

With the Akron Zips taking on St. Mary’s tonight on the West Coast at 3 a.m. local time, it would be easy for the team to have a built-in excuse for notching a “L” in one of the games in ESPN’s 24-Hour Tip-off Marathon at McKeon Pavilion in Moraga, Calif.

Time shift.  Lateness of the game.  Pick one. 

Forward Quincy Diggs said that he won’t have a problem with it because he’s used to being in the Central Time Zone anyway. However, someone who grew up locally won’t either.  

“I'm not worried about the time at all,” senior forward Demetrius Treadwell said. “I'm just going to be ready and go out there adjust to the time schedule and be ready to play.  I don't care if we play at 5 o'clock.  I'm going to be ready.”

Somehow it never seems wise to doubt Treadwell.

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