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Zips christen renovated stadium with a beatdown

By mrasor Published: September 17, 2010

Men's soccer
Akron beat up on hapless Cal State Northridge, 3-0.
The Zips got goals from Perry Kitchen, Darlington Nagbe and Chad Barson. Akron outshot Northridge 14-5. As a preview for a scene we are likely to see replayed over and over, the Matadors tried to go physical with the Zips and committed 20 fouls, compared to Akron's 10.
I'll bet that Michael Beaven will have more on this game later.
Let's talk a little about Kentucky. The Zips kickoff against the Wildcats at 7 p.m. Saturday.
1) Kige Ramsey is undoubtedly the best up-and-coming sports journalist since Jim Gray. He is a big time UK fan, and rather than going through boring statistics, I want to acquaint you to one of the most entertaining people on YouTube.

2) Ohhh OK. You purists want to know something good about UK football. Well, as that Kentucky blogger said, the Wildcats are stocked with offensive playmakers. Akron will need that "bend, don't break" attitude against the Wildcat formation starring Randall Cobb. That means the Zips must play with strict discipline -- no overpursuing, no missed tackles, no safeties forgetting they're on a football field playing tackle football.
3) You won't be passing the ball for much success against the Wildcats. In two games, they have allowed a combined 224 passing yards. That is all the more reason to hold on and don't get behind early. You won't pass your way out of that pit.
1) UK gives up some big plays, and its coach Joker Phillips knows it. As badly as Kentucky has beaten its first opponents (Louisville and Western Kentucky by a combined 42 points), this is a team that hasn't established the self-belief yet. If Patrick Nicely strikes Jeremy LaFrance for 70 yards on the first drive, Kentucky has a fruitless drive, and Alex Allen allows Akron to sustain a long march to painted grass -- and those are big IFs -- will the Wildcats still know they'll win, despite being down 14-0?
2) The Zips will have to get a big lead early and hope for a close game. Kentucky is playing Musical Kickers after its starter missed two chip shots and an extra point in the first two weeks.
3) Oh, and if there was ever a sleeper game on the schedule for Kentucky, it's this one. Next week, the Wildcats are headed to the Florida Swamp.
4) UK is not impervious to good running attacks. Western Kentucky ran for 5.7 yards per carry for a total of 186 yards. Louisville had 5.9 and 190. Get an early lead, pound the ball, and maybe the Curse of Kige Ramsey will give Akron the first win of the Rob Ianello era.
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