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Zips convention at Akron Canton Airport

By mrasor Published: March 18, 2009

Men's basketball
I arrived for my flight to Baton Rouge a few hours early, so my girlfriend could give me a ride. She's heading to Arizona.
It just so happened that Zips' fans who comment on this blog as Captain Kangaroo and Fred212 were taking the same connecting flight to Chicago as my girlfriend, en route to Portland. Ironically, the Buchtelite's Vincent Dorsey was also ready to board the jet with his brother, Nicholas. So we had a nice impromptu discussion of the Zips' hopes.
The Zips got a vote of confidence from none of us, but obviously, none of us would hold regrets over a one-and-done trip to the NCAA Tournament as long as Akron plays hard.
I strongly commend the fans making the trip. It is a helluva commitment to pay in the neighborhood of $2,000, miss work and other obligations to watch two hours of basketball. And yes, only two. Many fans booked a return flight after the first-round game, regardless of Thursday's result.
For those of you headed to Portland, I would love for you to comment on your experience. Tom Gaffney will be checking in daily, as well.

    The Houston Chronicle gave an A-to-Z look at the NCAA Tournament. Want to guess who is "Z"?
    The Associated Press did the A-to-Z thing, but related it only to the Akron-Gonzaga game. Did you know that all five of the teams that beat the Zags qualified for the NCAA Tournament?
    If you don't know the Keith Dambrot story, read Terry Pluto's version. Very good.
    Gaffney featured Steve McNees and his up-and-down career. Another good read.
    Here is a third fascinating story -- that of Dambrot's uncle, Irwin Dambrot, who was selected seventh overall in the NBA Draft. Props to the Seattle Times for digging that up.
    In Elton Alexander's blog, Humpty Hitchens said he will be ready to play tomorrow.
    Gonzaga is now between a 12.5- and 13.5-point favorite. The opening line was 12. The over-under is currently around 131.
    Time is running short for you to sign up for the AK-Rowdies Bracket Challenge on Facebook. We have almost 100 people involved, so it should be good competition.
    Tomorrow, you will get my official preview and prediction.

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