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Zips extend Porter's contract through 2011

By mrasor Published: June 27, 2008

Men's soccer
Caleb Porter has spent two years continuing to build Akron's soccer program.
The university rewarded him this week with a two-year contract extension that will last until 2011.
During Porter's tenure, Akron has the best winning percentage in the nation. The Zips finished No. 10 in RPI last season. Moreover, the recruiting has been phenomenal.
Mack Rhoades should not have extended Porter's contract. Rather, Rhoades should have found a sturdy pair of shackles to keep Porter tied to Lee Jackson Field.
Women's basketball
Jodi Kest reeled in the nation's 59th best recruiting class, an expert says.
This comes in the aftermath of a large portion of the team being kicked off the roster.
To be honest (and I want to stay as far from Don Imus territory as possible), the women's basketball players who I saw around campus were, categorically, the rowdiest team on campus. Aside from Sarah Tokodi, who seemed nice, Kest probably achieved addition by subtraction.

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