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Zips fall, despite being better team

By mrasor Published: September 16, 2006


The Zips lost 24-21. That's all that really matters.

But here are 25 points the Zips should have scored...

  • Missed 43-yard field goal by Matt Domonkos. (3)

  • Missed extra point by Domonkos. (1)

  • Blown goalline opportunity in fourth quarter. (7)

  • Interception for touchdown from goalline in first half. (14)

As the Comcast announcers pointed out, Akron should have put up 40 points today.

Speaking of TV, Time Warner Cable should be embarassed for missing the first half of the game. What kind of incompetance does it take to miss your programming by more than an hour?

Still, Central Michigan is a good team, and might even meet Akron in the MAC Championship. I really don't think today's outcome is indicative of who the better team is.

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