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Zips football: Bowden on recent NCAA rules proposals

By George Thomas Published: April 17, 2014

The NCAA rid itself of an antiquated and questionable rule that’s been in place for years Tuesday when they announced that athletics departments could feed their student-athletes unlimited meals and snacks.

The first reaction of anyone might be: “No, duh!” However, the rule has been a bone of contention for a while with some schools self-reporting violations of athletes eating extra pasta at meals. It’s no longer a worry – for programs that can afford it.

It presents a double-edged sword for Mid-American Conference schools Zips’ Bowden, who is all for the change, said.

“Just because they tell us we can feed our guys whenever they need it, doesn't mean we have the budget to feed them whenever they need it,” he said.

Bowden contends that it’s a change that further separates the NCAA’s haves from the have-nots.  He might have a point.

If approved by the NCAA's Board of Directorsl on April 24th, it would go into effect Aug. 1.
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