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Zips football: Dress rehearsal Wednesday night

By George Thomas Published: August 21, 2012

 The Akron Zips will get to practice the preliminaries Wednesday evening at InfoCision Stadium.

The team’s practice will begin at 7 p.m. in order to provide a dry run of pre-game activities, coach Terry Bowden said.

For the game staff, there’s equipment to test and so on. For the team there’s getting to know the environment, including the home locker room at the stadium and more importantly how Zips enter the field.

“It's more procedure of the game - seating arrangements on the sideline.  We have to organize that,” Bowden said.

But there will be actual football, but in a limited variety.

“We'll do some substitution plans and plays (but) it's as much as making sure we're ready for all the procedural problems that can go wrong in the game as much as the Xs and Os,” he said.

Bowden called the situational plays “to scripted to be valid.”

Boykin on backs:  Running backs coach Trent Boykin on his runners: I'm happy with all four backs that we have.  They all bring something different to the table which I think is great for our offense and what we're trying to do because they all have something unique about themselves.  We try to make sure we feature each one of their talents in our offense that we can.

Winding down:  Bowden and his staff are getting his team more into game week mode.  They will follow a Thursday night schedule after Friday's practice with the team getting Saturday off this week.

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