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Zips football: Previewing day three at Camp Zippy

By George Thomas Published: August 6, 2012

It’s clear that coach Terry Bowden wants two things of his offense – tempo and an element of explosion.  That’s why freshmen recruits such as Imani Davis are getting looks elsewhere.  For example:  Davis is getting a look at slot receiver.

He’s small, fast and made for that role.  Bowden views it as one of those positions where you don’t have to see a lot of reps during games to make an impact.  They say speed kills and in the case of someone like Davis, it only takes one long pass reception – be it by running after the catch or deep pattern – to make a difference.  Bowden has also been working him on reverses.

He’s looking for the same element on with running backs.  Jawon Chisholm continues to run hard and strong, but he doesn’t appear to have that game-breaking speed.  He’s more of a slasher.  Ditto Brock Alexander.

Today, I will be looking closely at both those situations.  Check back later this even – unfortunately 9ish or so – have to feed the paper’s deadline before hitting the blog.  Also check my Twitter feed @GeorgeThomasABJ for updates throughout today’s sessions with my observations and general snark.

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