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Zips football: Ups and downs at mini-scrimmage

By George Thomas Published: August 15, 2012

In a day for football junkies, the Zips held a mini-scrimmage with referees in attendance throwing laundry.

I call it mini because it was a situational exercise with the offense backed up to their two for a series of plays and eventually getting the ball at different points on the field ending at the defense’s one yard line.

Overall the first team offense fared better scoring several times in the various scenarios, while the second team racked up just one.  Defenses played consistently.  Here are some highlights:

First-team offense: 

  • Jawon Chisholm ran strong racking up six or more yards per carry getting the ball out of the shadow of the goal post. 
  • Dalton Williams found  wide receiver J.T. Smith for a more than 30-yard score.
  • Marquelo Suel made a spectacular catch on his back after making an adjustment on a Williams pass.  That was tempered by a couple of drops.

Second team offense: 

  • Conor Hundley took a beating running the ball remaining resilient eventually turning a short pass into a 20-plus yard gain.   
  • Wide receiver Andrew Pratt made a leaping catching on the side of the end zone on a fourth down on a goal line drill.
  • Freshman Imani Davis produced a 30-yard reception out jumping a defender in the process and making it look easy.

 First team defense:

  • Cody Grice produced a sack on a first down place on the 40-yard line, a couple of plays later the defense blew up a screen play allowing no gain.

Second team offense:

  • Safety Bre Ford came up with a pick after the ball bounced off a receiver’s facemask.
  • Cornerback John Senter came up with a pick as well.

Building enthusiasm:  After beginning the scrimmage with a lack of energy evident, the defense soon began to pick it up on the field and the sideline.  Eventually they all began chanting “Blue swarm!” “Blue swarm!” suggesting that they’ve given the defense a nickname.  That may be a bit premature, but only season play will tell.


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