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Zips hold off Oral Roberts at home; Kent vs. Akron poll

By mrasor Published: January 3, 2011

Men's basketball
It's a rare win when you give up 59.2 percent shooting and get out-rebounded by a 39-20 margin.
But that's what the Akron did tonight against Oral Roberts, by a 84-80 count.
The Zips won the game by turning the Golden Eagles over 23 times, while committing only six turnovers for their own part.
Akron shot the ball well, too, hitting net on 46 percent of field goals. Still, you win very few games where you get out-shot and out-rebounded by such a large margin. I had to miss this game (city council meeting), but I'm really skeptical of these stats.
Saturday is going to be unique. Akron will kickoff the MAC season against its greatest rival. Generally, Akron and Kent get a chance to feel their way through four MAC games before the rivalry game. You get a sense of what to expect. I don't think either team knows what to expect on Saturday. It will be very interesting.
The game starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday at Rhodes Arena.
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