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Zips hoops: A gimmick for the UA-KSU game?

By George Thomas Published: January 18, 2013


The gimmicks are coming out in tomorrow’s UA-KSU basketball game.

A report surfaced Friday that Kent, a team that owns a 6-4 record at home and a 5-2 record on the road won’t be showing players’ point tallies on the scoreboard in an effort to build team camaraderie on the home court, something they apparently have in spades while away from the M.A.C. Center.

“We haven't played well at home pretty much all year, so we are trying to do something to change them up,”  coach Rob Senderoff said. “We want to make sure our guys are focused only on how many points we have as a team and not on how many points they have individually. Some coaches have taken the names off of the back of the jerseys to try to get their players to play for the team and not themselves. We are going to try this.”

The problem is that the scoreboard has to be the same for both teams, so Zips players won’t know where they stand individually either.

“What’s the difference?  It doesn’t make a difference to me,” UA coach Keith Dambrot said. “I don’t really think about stuff like that. I worry about things I can control and none of that is going to affect the game to me.”

It’s the right attitude for Dambrot to have, but it also could point to a problem that the Golden Flashes possess as a team.  It looks from this corner that Senderoff doesn’t have complete control over his team.

But what do I know?  It could work. But the fact that he has to do this in his team’s building says a lot in itself.

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