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Zips Hoops: Dambrot at HOF Club Luncheon in Canton

By George Thomas Published: April 16, 2012

 Keith Dambrot spoke at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club in Canton today and had a few choice things to say:

On UA sports with soccer, hoops and the addition of Terry Bowden to coach the football team:  “We are a true sleeping giant.”

 On his goals:  “We want to win games in the NCAA Tournament.  We want to be the first mid-major to win a national championship.”

On the new arena:  “I think there’s a lot of steam for that… I think it would help us considerably if we were in a different league.  It would help us marginally being in the league we’re in.  But if we’re in a different league, it changes the whole dynamic.”

On the possibility of changing leagues: “I don’t know for sure because I don’t make those decisions, but I think if football gets turned around, and it will, and we continue to win and we have a new facility at least we (will) have options.   At this point we don’t.”

On his contract in the wake of trying to be hired away by Duquesne:  “We’re ironing out some things and it probably won’t be done until July.. “They’ve been committed and have taken care of me over the years.  I have faith that they will continue to take care of me.”

Egner update:  Dambrot said he is cautiously optimistic Josh Egner will get a medical redshirt for last season when he dealt with a persistent back injury.    But he emphasized that because it is his back it’s difficult to tell what the NCAA will do.

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