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Zips open as 4.5-point favorites over Indiana

By mrasor Published: September 14, 2009

Oddsmakers believe the Zips will beat Indiana on Saturday by either 4.5 or five points.
The Hoosiers began the season with narrow home wins over Eastern Kentucky and Western Michigan.

    Other notes...
    Brian Wagner is the MAC East Defensive Player of the Week
    Here is the video of J.D. Brookhart's weekly press conference. He mentioned Indiana's pass-rushing defensive ends as being a threat.
    Kent State senior running back Eugene Jarvis went down with a lacerated kidney on Saturday. It appears as if the injury will end his career. The Record Courier's Dave Carducci writes that Akron coaches were the first to give their condolences. Classy move.
    Meanwhile, coach Doug Martin is calling out the MAC East and guaranteeing a winning season. He also said something about burning down the NCAA if Jarvis doesn't get his sixth year of eligibility. The coach is getting a lot of flack for that. Following news like he received, there's no reason to pile on. I do love Martin's passion.

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