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By mrasor Published: September 25, 2006

Football, men's basketball

In today's podcast, the Buchtelite numbskulls talk about the Akron-North Texas game and which men's basketball games should be most exciting.

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  • Speaking of the schedule, take a look and see why Keith Dambrot is frustrated. It's hard getting decent home games when out-of-conference teams won't accept $70,000 to come to Rhodes Arena.

  • The Buchtelite's Adam Ferrise wrote about J.D. Brookhart's Monday press conference on the North Texas game.

  • I wrote my column about receiver David Harvey and other exciting freshmen on campus...

I am a forward-looking sports fan.

If my team is the New England Patriots, for example, I wouldn't care if they return to the playoffs this year. I would be depressed because the team's future is dim.

That's why I'm excited about Akron sports. Freshmen are talented and contributing in important ways. And I'm not just talking about football.

But since we're on the pigskin topic, freshman receiver David Harvey is already the most electrifying player on the team.

His 78-yard return on the game's opening kick off against North Texas was a great example why. Later in the game, he eluded the Mean Green tacklers for a 79-yard return.

That performance earned Harvey the Mid-American Conference Special Teams Player of the Week last week.

Harvey also is challenging incumbent Jabari Arthur as quarterback Luke Getsy's go-to receiver. He has accumulated an average of 79.2 receiving yards per game, which is third best in the MAC.

I would love to talk with Harvey about how exciting it has been, but I can't. Coach J.D. Brookhart says he is off-limits to the media.

Probably for the better. With talent like Harvey's, the staff needs to handle him like a china doll.

Like I said, there are talented freshmen throughout campus.

Four more of them play volleyball.

If you have some time, it's worth watching this exciting team as I did on Friday. The Zips lost 3-0 to No. 20 Ohio, but showed promise.

Once, the ball flew over the net toward a vacant spot on the Zips' side of the court.

Akron senior Kim Horn immediately sacrificed her body on the hardwood floor to preserve the point. Then a teammate set the ball for the team's jumping bean.

Like she was fired from a cannon, 5-foot-7 freshman Brionna Patterson soared above the net for a ferocious spike. She is among the team leaders in kills (not the Goldeneye 007 kind, I'm talking about finishing points in the Zips' favor).

What's sad is nobody wanted Patterson. Well, almost nobody. Indiana Tech and Wheeling Jesuit College showed interest in the Sandusky native.

"She comes from a school that doesn't have a history of being very good," coach Mike Sweitzer said. "We did our homework and other schools didn't."

Watching her spike the ball, it seems Patterson could out-leap anyone on campus.

"I have to make up for not having much height," Patterson said.

At this point, Akron is unable to recruit tall players, who typically flock to more successful programs, such as Ohio's. But the players Sweitzer is finding are realizing their potential quickly.

Kara Smith is eighth in the MAC in assists. Megan Rodriguez is 10th in service aces. Elizabeth Martin completes the quartet of young'uns.

"We're really tickled to death," the coach said. "They have been playing their tails off."

I could go on and on.

Men's basketball coach Keith Dambrot proved that by filling his 2007 class with players bigger programs would love to have. Pittsburgh basically pleaded with star center Steve Swiech to reconsider choosing the Zips.

With great facilities and improving teams, talented freshmen will be a mainstay for years to come.


In other Buchtelite news, coach Tom Porten talks about winning the McLaughlin Tournament this weekend.

Men's soccer

The Buchtelite's Dan Kadar wrote about how the Zips offense needs to improve against Ohio State.

Women's soccer

The Buchtelite's Josh Volchko chronicles Akron's slow start to MAC play.

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