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Zips score a juco Diamond

By mrasor Published: December 21, 2008

Diamond Weaver will make headline writing at the Akron Beacon Journal a little easier. reports that the cornerback with an eccentric name and sub-4.4 speed verbally committed to Akron sometime after visiting campus on Dec. 5. gives Weaver three stars.
It appears to me that J.D. Brookhart is having another great year of recruiting. It makes me wonder how the rest of the MAC is faring.

    So I looked into's reports...
    Ball State -- 16 commitments, 3 three-star players Bowling Green -- 13 commitments, 0 three-star players Buffalo -- 3 commitments, 0 three-star players (it must be a factor of Turner Gill's uncertain status -- thank you, Charles Barkley) Central Michigan -- 25 commitments, 6 three-star players Eastern Michigan -- 2 commitments (but the Eagles just hired a new coach) Kent State -- 6 commitments, 1 three-star player (the three-star player is Jeff Walker, a 6-foot-5 receiver from Coventry High School; Akron did not pursue Walker) Miami -- 9 commitments, 0 three-star players (I'm not including Jake Brandt, a three-star offensive tackle who decommitted from Miami and verballed with Akron) Northern Illinois -- 6 commitments, 2 three-star players Ohio -- 8 commitments, 1 three-star player Temple -- 20 commitments, 0 three-star players Toledo -- 2 commitments, 0 three-star players (I'm not including four-star defensive back Jermaine Robinson, who decommitted from Toledo and verballed with Akron; Toledo's low number is a product of the Rockets' coaching change, as well) Western Michigan -- 18 commitments, 1 three-star player has Akron with 8 commitments and 1 three-star player (WR Sean Farr). When you add Robinson, Brandt, Weaver and the other players missing from the Rivals list, Akron's 2009 class looks fantastic. Of course, other schools have unreported commitments, too.
While InfoCision Stadium helps recruiting this year, just wait until next fall. Players can get the full "wow" factor, rather than just looking at computer-generated pictures and walking around a bunch of steel girders. If the Zips can combine the new stadium and Brookhart's salesmanship with a winning record, it will be bad news for teams competing with Akron for recruits.
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