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Zips Spring Practice: Recruiting News

By George Thomas Published: April 14, 2012

 News of the day

Coach Terry Bowden may be reaching into his father’s past for help in filling a position.

Wide receiver Alex Mack, currently a student in Geneva College, took in Saturday’s scrimmage with his father Kim, a former linebacker at Florida State.

Mack was apparently a Division I prospect before breaking his foot his junior year, he said.  For football players in particular, that is the most important year for scholarship offers.  Luckily Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pa. found him. 

Mack said that he always knew that he could compete at a higher level, however.  He got his father to contact coach Bowden.

“I’ve done the research.  I know what Akron has been through the past few years.  I know that the fans are ready to win,” he said. “They have all of these facilities.  I know these players are ready to win because I’m a player. You don’t want to lose.  It’s the best opportunity in college football.”

Bulldogs in the house

Eventually, the Zips best recruiters could turn out to be the players that Bowden and his staff bring into the program.

Kevin Mills, who will join the Zips offensive line in the fall, had two teammates from Canton McKinley at the team’s facility to watch Saturday’s scrimmage.

Bookend defensive ends Antoine Miles and Dominque Ruffin were seen.  Miles, 6-foot-3, 260 lbs. currently has an offer from Pitt, according to

On the field

The team caught a break because of the Breakfast with the Bowdens event held prior to practice. Normally used to going better than three hours, they finished their work in less than two. 

On the field:

Defense:  What you continue to notice is that the team is taking on defensive coordinator Chuck Amato’s personality.  They play with an attitude, aggressively and they are hitting harder.  They’re also getting into their share of fights with their offensive counterparts. There were several of them in today’s practice.  You want to see the chippiness, but save it for the season.  The rest of it? Good stuff.  Of particular note:  in goal line situations toward the end of practice, the D held firm.  After giving up a TD on a rollout pass to the left, on two other opportunities, a QB sneak at the one and a Jawon Chisholm run, they forced a fumble  and strung the play out preventing the score.  While they didn’t have the turnover fest they enjoyed last Thursday, they did get to quarterbacks at least four times.

Offense:  No quarterback could find any semblance of rhythm on Saturday.  Some of that was due to pressure created by the defensive line and blitz packages, but for the most part much of the offense just looked blah. 

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