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Zips Spring Practice: Session IX - The Scary Scrimmage

By George Thomas Published: April 7, 2012

 It proved to be a rough outing for the offense and the defense in today’s intrasquad scrimmage, if that can be believed.

The good:  The defense caused four turnovers during the scrimmage, including two for scores.  One was a pick six, the other a fumble recovery returned for a score.  Three of the four were interceptions.  The defensive line, led by Cody Grice, Albert Presley and James Price, was very active batting down at least four balls.

The bad:  Well obviously whatever was good for the defense wasn’t for the offense as none of the prime three candidates for the starting QB position ever seemed to get in the groove.  It didn’t help that the offensive line appeared overwhelmed at times, primarily because they actually saw some blitz packages during this scrimmages.  They’d been missing as coach Chuck Amato and his staff have patiently installed the defensive schemes.

The ugly:  Despite those turnovers the defense is very susceptible to big plays.   They gave up several long passes along with a long TD run. 

“I know when we want to go hard, we can do it. We can’t give up the big plays that we give up.  We can’t do that and do what we want to do. We’re still fishing and finding how we need to play certain techniques and this and that,”  Amato said.

Decisions, decisions

This spring session, including the Blue & Gold game, will be pivotal for the Zips upcoming season.

“(We’re) trying to get all personnel decisions made this spring,” Bowden said. “Come two-a-days, we’re going to be getting ready for the first game.”

Bowden acknowledges that there are still holes to fill.

Seen at practice

Several potential recruits took in Saturday’s practice.

Deondre Westfield and Maurice Lett from East Cleveland Shaw High School up north were joined by Cole Kochman, a linebacker from McMurray, Pa.

Quote of the Day Part I:  With recruits and their parents within earshot and the Zips in the heat of battle during the scrimmage, the language got pretty salty.

So salty in fact one coach said to one of his players:  “Someday you’ll have a daughter and you’ll understand.”

Replied the player:  “I do have a daughter, coach.”

Quote of the Day Part II:  Amato wasn’t exactly thrilled by the defensive effort and he let it be known to at least one player.

“I (haven’t) seen you break a hard-boiled egg yet,” he said of the player’s efforts.  “Let me make it easier: a soft-boiled egg.”

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