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Zips strong, but errors lead to loss

By mrasor Published: September 27, 2008

The way Akron lost today was disappointing.
Any college football fan would lament a 17-15 loss, but consider what the Zips accomplished today.
They played nose-to-nose with a team that might challenge for one of the nation's top conference crowns. They lost the game because Akron's kicker twitched (or whatever it was) and Cincinnati's did not.
That is a miniscule margin between two teams that clobbered each other for 60 minutes, and left each other a little less well off for the rest of the season. Cincinnati quarterback Tony Pike apparently injured his wrist. Andrew Johnson was taken off the field on an ambulance.
Both teams made errors, so Cincinnati will say it shouldn't have been so close. In reality, the teams were evenly matched in the trenches and at the skill positions. The difference, like I said, came down to a twitch.
Also, please don't blame J.D. Brookhart for going for it on fourth-and-1, when the Zips were shut down and Johnson got hurt. The score was 14-9 and, for all we knew, Cincinnati was going to strike again. Nine times out of 10, the field goal would have been inconsequential. And who knows if Igor Iveljic would have made it.
I will have more on the game tomorrow.

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