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Zips turn tables on Ohio

By mrasor Published: November 7, 2007

Akron, this is Endzone. I don't believe you two have met.
The Zips reached the colored turf six times tonight in their 48-37 win over Ohio. The Bobcats felt the oh-so-familiar pain of moving the ball well, but not converting as often as the opposition.
Several Zips starred on offense. Jabari Arthur was Jabari Arthur, gaining 129 yards and a touchdown. Alex Allen played the best game of his career, rushing for 96 yards and three touchdowns. Chris Jacquemain finished off the Bobcats with a touchdown to Kris Kasparek that showed some progression as a passer with field vision. Bryan Williams, of course, swung the momentum back to Akron early in the first quarter with a kickoff return 95 yards for a touchdown.
Hand it to the Zips defense, too, for limiting Kalvin McRae after a 54-yard touchdown dash in the first quarter. Take out that play, and McRae had 55 yards on 20 carries -- hardly what Ohio should expect from an All-MAC player. The Bobcats were fairly effective in the air, but you can accept that considering the success in stopping McRae.
You could almost see this win coming. Once you think you know something in the MAC, such as "Akron's slumping" or "Ohio's getting it together," the teams swap. Blame the incredible amount of parity in the MAC. The Godfather Mike Waddell pointed this out to me today: Name one MAC football program who has been consistently good the past five years.
I can't. Can you? Yet that is what fans expect from J.D. Brookhart. As my column in tomorrow's paper says, people need to give him a break. There's no reason Akron fans should be so demanding that they either call for his head or call him a savior depending on each week's performance.

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