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About That East-Twinsburg Boys Hoops Game

By gthomas Published: March 2, 2011

The East High School boys hoops team allowed one to slip away Tuesday night against the Twinsburg Tigers in the Northeast District Sectional Tournament.

When you are up 12 points with a quarter left in the game, you're supposed to win, but East lost 63-60 because they panicked.  I refuse to say that they choked because they're high school kids.

Besides you have to give Twinsburg coach Bob Pacsi for coming up with a winning strategy in the fourth quarter.  Ultimately, his team lulled East into a false sense of security and the Tigers exploited it.

In the fourth, East suddenly found itself under relentless pressure.  A 12-0 run later, the Tigers had the momentum and rode it to victory.  For a team that began the tournament with a losing record (7-12), it was an impressive comeback.



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