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All boxed in

By gaffer Published: September 12, 2007

Working conditions are important to you on your job. So why shouldn't they
be important to sports writers and radio and television comentators who cover
high school football?
There is no cry-baby in me here. Just a plea to have a place to work
that has nothing to do with creature comforts, but with having a proper place
to provide what in many ways is a service to local schools and fans.
To wit, Summit County has some of the worst press boxes I have ever seen.
Schools in Stark and Medina counties are far superior, top to bottom.
Rick Noland, a fine reporter for the Medina Gazette, mentioned the
deplorable press box at Hudson in one of his recent columns.
Media everywhere has learned the hard way that some Summit County press
boxes don't even have THE bare minimum to work, ie., a phone line.
I have seen radio commentators have to string phone lines from the
concession stands in order to call the game.
Many schools understand the value of media coverage and have taken steps
to upgrade their facilities.
Believe it when I say that radio, television and newspaper people ignore
certain stadiums and schools
because it is easier to go elsewhere. Remember, every night there are many
games to cover.
It is also distressing because many of these substandard facilities are
among the best programs in the area.
I am not afraid to risk consternation by giving you my least favorite
places to cover games in Summit County. Alphabetically,
Archbishop Hoban
Cuyahoga Falls



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