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Band show creates turf war at Cuyahoga Falls

By izzy Published: August 19, 2009

I intended to catch up with one of my coaches, but he was busy getting ready for practice ... and was really seething.

Mike Miller was holding his coffee cup and clipboard so tightly Wednesday morning it was surprising neither cracked or exploded.

The Cuyahoga Falls football coach was not saying a word, but his disgusted look did the talking. Miller came to school and found portions of the practice field were ruined with deep tire marks. Whoever was in charge of a band show Tuesday night at Clifford Stadium allowed buses and other vehicles to park on the practice field. With the rain, the tires dug several inches into the ground and took out grass and created divots that could be dangeous for the players.

Miller looked up and finally uttered, "They destroyed our practice field."

Then he slowly walked over to one of the varsity groups practicing and got back to coaching.



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