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Callaghan steps down at Copley

By gaffer Published: April 28, 2009

Scott Callaghan has resigned as boys basketball coach at Copley High School after one season.

Callaghan coached Copley to a 12-10 record in 2008-09 but remained a teacher at Wadsworth, which is also a member of the Suburban League.

Indians Athletic Director Dana Addis said Callaghan told him working at different schools and traveling back and forth was a strain.

‘‘It was more taxing than either of us thought it would be,’’ Addis said. ‘‘It was 100 percent Scott's decision to leave. We were happy with the job he did.’’

At Wadsworth, Callaghan previously had been a head coach of both the boys and girls basketball teams.
Addis said he will begin accepting applications for the position next week.

To apply, write to Addis at Copley High School, 3807 Ridgewood Road, Copley, Ohio 44321-1630.



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