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City Series DEs Making Some Noise

By gthomas Published: October 6, 2010

If this football season has shown one thing it's that this area is loaded with a plethora of talented defensive ends.

While the ones who have received looks from upper echelon Division I schools such as Ohio State deserve the attention, there are a couple in the area blooming late.  Among them:  Trevoris Bell and Kevin Brewton, two defensive ends who toil in the City Series for East High and Garfield, respectively.

Bell, a senior, has just blossomed this year, according to his coach Damon Beasley.

''He plays basketball and doesn't even start,'' Beasley said. ''He's just now realizing just how good of a football player he can be.''

That realization manifested itself in a three-game stretch where Bell recorded 11 sacks.  At 6-foot-4 and about 200 pounds, Bell possesses the height for position, but could use put on more weight.

''If I could just get him into the weight room, the sky is the limit,'' Beasley said.

Garfield coach Bob Sax used similar words to describe Brewton, a senior who also plays tight end.  Brewton stands 6-foot-4 as well and looks to be carved from granite.

He's ferocious defense, but his getting better on offense as well.  A look at the way ran through Archbishop Hoban defenders in a game earlier this season showed his some of his skill.

''With Kevin, the sky is the limit.  I think he is a better defensive end right now, but he is doing a lot for himself as a tight end this year,'' Garfield coach Bob Sax said. '' He has been catching balls this year as well as blocking well.  His biggest problem with schools above the MAC is that he is around 220 pounds.  If he was 240 I think he would be getting a lot more looks.''

Currently Brewton has an offer from the University of Akron.  Beasley has been sending footage of Bell to various MAC schools.



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