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Division I Girls Regional Final: A Look Back

By gthomas Published: March 9, 2011

Twinsburg girls basketball coach Julie Solis had a feeling heading into Tuesday night’s regional semifinal game against Wadsworth.

‘’ I was terrifield coming into this game,’’ she admitted. ‘’ I know how Wadsworth kids are when it comes to basketball – their basketball I.Q. and everything.  I need to take a moment and enjoy this one.’’

It was a hard fought 45-43 victory, won with a last minute drive and layup by sophomore guard Ashley Morrissette.  And Solis knew that it would lead to another showdown with the Canton McKinley Bulldogs, the team that squashed the Tigers dreams of a state title last year by handing them a 53-43 loss. In the later game Tuesday, the Bulldogs breezed by the Lyndhurst Brush Arcs 74-21 to set up a rematch Friday night.

‘’I think this is the game everyone has been waiting for all year.  That’s been the talk and it’s finally here.  Now I guess we’ll see what happens,’’ Solis said.

There will certainly be time enough for rematch to be hyped in the coming days as both teams will arrive with undefeated records.

‘’I think hype is a good thing,’’ Morrissette, who scored 23 points gainst Wadsworth, said. ‘’If you get hyped up, that means you’re going to get ready for the game. You’re going to be ready for the game.’’

Solis said she knows that matching up with the speedy Bulldogs will not be easy.

‘’We’re going to find a way to make it good if it’s not good,’’ she said.



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