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Falls-Barberton preview: Just win, baby, please

By izzy Published: August 25, 2011

As a reporter, I could do a long preview of Friday's football game with Cuyahoga Falls at Barberton.

Instead, let me do two things.

First, check our the football preview in Thursday paper or online to check out all the players

Second, rarely does an opening game mean so much to two teams. But when you have two schools that combined three wins in 2010, a win can be the difference between having a good season and watching all the hard work disappear.

It can be argued that one game does not bare so much weight. Normally I agree, but this is an exception.

The Black Tigers (1-9) lost five tight games, so confidence is a big deal.

The Magics (2-8) were awful during their years in the Suburban League and are now independent. Theoritcally, the schedule should be a little easier this season.

But both schools are going through transition. Falls has a new superintendent  Todd Nichols and Barberton has a new athletic director in Rob Culbertson. They share one theme: making their athletic teams return to once proud traditions.

The two men will be looking closely at their programs.

Winning may not be everything, but it does mean a lot to two school districts that have not done much of that in most sports.



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