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H.S. Football: Two-a-Days? Kinda, Sorta. Sure (with Video)

By gthomas Published: August 2, 2010

Began making the rounds of area high schools starting with the members of the City Series.  There wasn't a lot of actual football going on, but it was interesting to see what happens the first day those players can put on a helmet.

It's not an uncommon refrain in high school sports to hear a player complain that they're playing out of position.  So when a beefy lineman from Akron Garfield said that, I wasn't the least bit surprised or taken aback.

His desired position?  Linebacker as visions of being the next Lawrence Tay...ummm...err...bad example.  Visions of being the next Shawne Merriman...uuhhh...errr...moving on to...Brian Urlacher.  Yes, that works.  Visions of being the next Brian Urlacher filled his head.  Problem:  the extra poundage on his midsection screamed for lineman.

But that is among the smaller things that greeted head coach Bob Sax on his opening day of ''coaching'' as allowed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  One would be player - although you wouldn't have known it because the 16-year-old looked as if he came out of the womb shaving and could have easily passed for 21 or older - tried to work his way back on the team.

His transgression:  being shipped out to East High School after getting into a verbal confrontation with a classmate.    Yes, to those in my age bracket (40-plus), high school athletics and the duties of a coach have changed.

I did manage to take in some action and watched as the Firestone Falcons were put through their paces by their coaching staff.  The coaches at least seemed to be enjoying it judging from the video above.



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