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High-tech swimsuit banned

By mdyer Published: August 11, 2009

High-tech swimsuits have been banned for high school swimming competition effective immediately, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) announced this afternoon.

The swimsuits had been linked to record performances at all levels of competition the past couple of years.

“These high-tech suits had fundamentally altered the sport and become more similar to equipment, rather than a uniform,” said Becky Oakes, NFHS assistant commissioner and liaison to the swimming and diving rules committee.

The OHSAA was pleased with the ruling. Several swimmers had used the suit at the state meet in Canton last winter.

“The OHSAA is pleased to see the NFHS’s ruling today banning high-tech swimsuits and will comply immediately,” OHSAA spokesman Tim Stried said. “The OHSAA has been keeping an eye on this issue in the hope that the NFHS would not only issue a ban, but do it sooner rather than later.”



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