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Is Copley a contender?

By jcfortun Published: September 23, 2009

Don’t let anyone know it, but Copley is currently 3-1 and near the top of the Suburban League conference. Who would think it? Little is said about the Indians, although they have already beaten Jackson and Barberton.

Are people not talking about Copley because they lack the marquee names and overall collection of talent that Wadsworth (4-0) does?

``We have tremendous athletes all over the field, but as anyone knows one person isn’t going to win or lose a football game,’’ Copley coach Ron Viscounte said. ``We have been playing as a team and not relying on one person to make a big play. We have been sustaining drives offensively. Defensively we have been able to, for the most part when it comes crunch time, to toughen up.’’

That defensive team effort was on display last weekend when a few halftime adjustments allowed the group to shutout Barberton in the second half.

The Indians outscored Barberton 16-0 in the second half to win the game 25-21. The play that really seemed to get them going though was when senior defensive back Aaron Patterson made a great play on a deep out route.

Patterson made the interception, got a great block from junior Tremel McMillan and returned it 42-yards for the score.

``That really ignited us, but it was really an overall team victory,’’ Viscounte stressed. ``The offense controlled the tempo in the second half.’’

The kicking game definitely helped too.

Senior kicker Kevin Ivasku was responsible for 13 points, including field goals of 36, 35, 33 and 25 yards.

This week’s match up at Cloverleaf should give a little more information as to whether Copley is a serious player in the Conference.



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