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Jessica Porvasnik makes a hole-in-one

By mikeb Published: September 27, 2011

Highland junior Jessica Porvasnik shot her first career hole-in-one Tuesday during a practice round at Pine Hills Golf Course in Hinckley.

Porvasnik used a 9-iron club to ace the No. 16 hole, which is a par-3 and 115 yards.

“Jessica came in and asked me if I wanted to see her scorecard,” Highland coach Mary Becker said. “I said ‘Yes.’ She handed me her scorecard. I looked at it and I asked her, ‘Did you shoot a hole-in-one,’ and she said ‘Yes.’ I was really happy for her and she was obviously happy about it too.”

Said Porvasnik: “I hit the ball left of the pin, and then it faded in towards the hole. It landed about two feet from the hole and then rolled in.”



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