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Kent Roosevelt happy in Portage Trail Conference; weighs options

By Michael Beaven Published: July 22, 2013

Kent Roosevelt Athletic Director Mark Pfaff said his school is happy to compete in the Portage Trail Conference Metro Division.

Pfaff also confirmed he, Roosevelt Principal Bob Klinar and Kent City Schools Assistant Superintendent Tom Larkin attended a meeting hosted by the Suburban League last month.

“We did not apply,” Pfaff said. “What it was was more of an information meeting. That is why Roosevelt attended. We are happy in the PTC.

“It is a good league. The athletic directors and administrators are really good in the league. We got the invitation [to the Suburban League meeting] and decided to attend and listen. We came away impressed with their presentation, but we are not looking to leave the PTC."

Highland Principal Dana Addis is currently the President of the Suburban League and Keith Walker is the Suburban League Commissioner.

“We are not actively looking to leave the PTC,” Pfaff said. “The small school division, if you will, of the Suburban League did interest us. It is an intrigue more than anything. It is not like we are looking to leave or being kicked out of the PTC.”

Pfaff said he and other Kent administrators will continue to gather information and then get input from people within the community.



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