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Live from Canton: Division I State Swim Meet

By mikeb Published: February 27, 2010

Here is an update from the State Swim Meet at C.T. Branin Natatorium in Canton:



- North Canton Hoover 200-yard freestyle relay (senior Tony Ventosa, senior Carl Brubach, sophmore Thomas Tedrow, senior Tom Vretas) wins in 1:25.04.

- Firestone junior Andrew Bartley wins the 100-yard breast stroke in 56.63 seconds.

Area Swimmers that placed in the top 16 in Saturday's finals by event:


- 200-yard medley relay

North Canton Hoover (Tony Ventosa, Zac Hawkins, Mitch Alters, Thomas Tedrow) ... fifth

Hudson (Jimmy Dagley, John Zucca, Adam Motter Corey Jones) ... eight

Firestone (Mark Belanger, Andrew Bartley, Daniel Sokolov, Will Myers) ... ninth

- 200 freestyle

Jimmy Dagley, Hudson ... 13th

- 200 individual medley

Mitch Alters, North Canton Hoover ... fourth

- 50 freestyle

Alex McCord, Wooster ... eight

Thomas Tedrow, North Canton Hoover ... ninth

Noah Perduk, GlenOak ... 13th

- 200 freestyle relay

North Canton Hoover (Tony Ventosa, Carl Brubach, Thomas Tedrow, Tom Vretas) ... first

Wooster (Alex McCord, Chase Hooley, Clay Matthew, Danny Jones) ... 12th

Hudson (Alex Lindroth, Adam Motter, Marty Haas, Corey Jones) ... 14th

- 100 breast stroke

Andrew Bartley, Firestone ... first

LePear ``L.L.´´ Smith II, Perry ... 15th

John Zucca, Hudson ... 16th

- 400 freestyle relay

North Canton Hoover (Mitch Alters, Thomas Tedrow, Tom Vretas, Tony Ventosa) ... fifth

Hudson (Alex Lindroth, Corey Jones, Marty Haas, Jimmy Dagley) ... ninth

Wooster (Alex McCord, Danny Jones, Clay Matthew, Chase Hooley) ... 15th

Team Rankings

Cincinnati St. Xavier wins the state title with 228 points and Toledo St. Francis finishes second with 218 points.

North Canton Hoover placed sixth with 120 points, Hudson finished 10th with 66 points and Firestone took 15th with 38 points.


- 200-yard medley relay

Firestone (Katie Miller, Emma Durante, Jillian Stoneburg, Katie Campbell) ... seventh

Hudson (Katie Mailey, Kelly Cartwright, Connie Gan, Hannah Hornis) ... 10th

- 200 freesyle

Katie Campbell, Firestone ... eighth

Beth Rogers, Canton McKinley ... 10th

- 200 individual medley

Katie Miller, Firestone ... fourth

- 50 freestyle

Chase Kinney, Jackson ... fourth

Elaina Lanson, Wadsworth ... fifth

- 100 butterfly

Addy Ferguson, Cloverleaf ... fifth

Beth Rogers, Canton McKinley ... sixth

Hannah Hornis, Hudson ... 13th

- 100 freestyle

Katie Campbell, Firestone ... fifth

Elaina Lanson, Wadsworth ... 12th

Chase Kinney, Jackson ... 16th

- 500 freestyle

Katie Miller, Firestone ... sixth

- 200 freestyle relay

Hudson (Haley Turner, Laura Murphy, Connie Gan, Hannah Hornis) ... 10th

North Canton Hoover (Jacquelyn Misanik, Rebekah Acuna, Lauren Lammlein, senior Julia Lockmyer) ... 12th

- 100 backstroke

Addy Ferguson, Cloverleaf ... seventh

Jacquelyn Misanik, North Canton Hoover ... 10th

- 100 breast stroke

Kelly Cartwright, Hudson ... ninth

Kendra Colby, Massillon Washington ... 11th

- 400 freestyle relay

Firestone (Jillian Stoneburg, Katie Miller, Jennifer Harris, Katie Campbell) ... fifth

Team Rankings

Upper Arlington wins the state title with 295 points and Columbus Bishop Watterson finishes second with 186 points.

Firestone placed eight with 105 points, Hudson finished 17th with 41 points and Cloverleaf was tied for 18th with 26 points.



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