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Long-Lost Shoe Going To Springfield

By admin Published: September 2, 2009

On Friday morning, around 9:30 a.m., longtime Ellet football coach Joe Yost, who is in his 31st season, will be making the short trek from Ellet to Springfield to deliver the ceremonial `Shoe'' that annually goes to the winner of this game.

Springfield won 23-13 at home and Yost was gracious in defeat.

``Let's not take anything away from Springfield,'' Yost said. ``We didn't lose to Springfield, Springfield beat us. They earned it. They did a great job and I'm happy for them...and (head coach) Kevin Vaughn played for me and coached for me, so I'm happy for them.

``Heck, Springfield might elect me Mayor,'' Yost joked.

What's even funnier is the fact that the ''Shoe'', which will be painted red instaead of Orange, became a part of Yost's interior decorum for several, SEVERAL years, above his fireplace.

``I've had that shoe since 1985,'' Yost said. ``It was in my apartment, it was in my first house I built and it was in my second house.''

But Yost offered up redemption.

``The Orangemen will be back,'' Yost said. ``We need to work a little harder, but I know our kids will and we will be a better football team.''



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