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Narducci gets a kick out of victory; Hudson faces unbeaten Solon next

By izzy Published: September 23, 2009

Hudson coach Tom Narducci was getting ready for a second overtime period Friday at Strongsville. The Explorers had taken a 35-28 lead in OT as quarterback Richie Piekarski scored on a run up the middle, but the Mustangs scored a touchdown and just need an extra point to tie the game.

"I was talking to my offensive coordinator about the next series and I looked up and the poor kicker pulled his kick left. He could have made 100 kicks that night, but I swear that was the only one he was going to miss," Narducci said.  "This is was a big win for our program. This is the first time we have beaten them."

"This was not your typical 0-4 football team. They have played a tough schedule." The Mustangs' four opponents have a combined record of 13-3.

Next up for the Explorers is Friday's home game with Solon. The Comets are also undefeated, coming off a 42-6 pasting of Parma. At stake beyond one team remaining is a huge number of computer points to the winner. That could mean the difference between hosting a home game or being the visitor in the opening round of the Division I playoffs.

"It's another big game for us. They have been improved this year because their quarterback, Jake Voigt, is a senior now and runs the options and throws well. As a sophomore, he came into our stadium as a sophomore and beat us. He did a great job of managing the game for them," the Hudson coach says.



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