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One game, two fields for Medina and Hudson

By izzy Published: August 31, 2009

The wild lightening that suspended so many games Friday and forced them to be played Saturday also made a little history.

Medina and Hudson had played three quarters of their game at the Explorers' Dante Lavelli Field when the bolts from the sky stopped it. Not only would the game be delayed until the next day, but it would be moved to a different location - Medina's home field, Kenneth Dukes Stadium.

The idea was the brainchild of, believe it or not, Explorers coach Tom Narducci.

"My thought was it was getting late and we looked at the radar and knew the front was not going to let up," Narducci said. "Once we knew the game was going to be postponed, I thought it would make sense for us to go to Medina and finish the game, then our junior varsity teams would play as scheduled."

Narducci said he was not sure what condition his grass field would be in Saturday and Medina has artificial turf were big factors, too. The only thing he had to do was get two more buses to make the trip to Medina.

"It made sense. We already had game officials, chain gang and people running the concessions in place," said Medina coach Greg Reed. "It was great for us not having to find buses to go back to Hudson." 

It did not matter where the game was being played, as Hudson dominated Medina and won 42-25.



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