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Practice field at Buchtel is a big issue

By izzy Published: November 12, 2009

The Akron school board has a problem.  The school district wants to build the new Buchtel High School on the site of its practice and softball fields which allows students to stay in the current high school building until the new one is completed.

The problem is members of the community want the field saved.

School boards are beholdent to the voters. Face it - the voters gave the money for the massive rebuilding of the entire district.

This is a tough call. If the district goes ahead witth its plans, where do the kids work out and play softball?

Here's my recommendation - both sides need to talk. They may not necessarily agree, but the district should listen and then tell those who disagree to come up with a workable plan. It is easy to criticize now that the plans have been made.

We hope both sides work it out because there is no evil intent by the district or the community. They are just good people who, at least for now, disagree.



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