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Springfield hopes for rebound win after close loss

By mikeb Published: October 9, 2009

Springfield looks to rebound from a 16-13 loss this past Friday at home to Field.]ep

The Spartans dropped to 5-1 overall and 3-0 in the Portage Trail Conference Metro Division, and Field upped its marks to 4-2, 3-1.]ep

“We were happy that we played good football against a really good team in a really big game,” Springfield coach Kevin Vaughn said. “I feel that the next time we are in a big game scenario the experience from the field game will play a significant role in us being successful.]ep

“Our defense as a unit played great Friday. Field was a team that was putting up 30-plus points per game, and for our defense to hold them to one touchdown and three field goals and to 16 points, was a pretty good effort.”]ep

Vaughn said senior defensive lineman Chris Evans “was the cornerstone of our defense’s success. Field had the best offensive line that we've seen thus far, and I think they had their hands full with his play Friday night.”]ep

Junior Zach Talbert, sophomore Dillon Matthews and senior Steven Cole are consistent rushing threats. Senior Joey O’Neil and junior Chase Cole are quality receivers.]ep

Steven Cole threw a 19-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter and Matthews ran a kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown in the fourth.]ep

Vaughn was irritated by the Spartans inability to capitalize and finish in certain situations and also in ball security.]ep

Springfield hosts Crestwood (1-5, 1-2) tonight.]ep

“I feel that Crestwood does some good things that they’re record really doesn't indicate,” Vaughn said. “I've always felt that the Wing-T style offense can pose problems for a defense and it did for us last year. The good thing is we are a better team this year and we feel that we pose problems for them as well. We think that our rushing attack will play a significant role in win for us this evening. With the expected weather (rain), it can be anybody's game. The team who has the fewest turnovers this evening will be victorious tonight.”]ep

A victory for Springfield tonight would also snap a losing trend against Crestwood.]ep

“We have never beaten Crestwood since joining the PTC,” Vaughn said. “This has been our incentive multiple times this season, to be the first Springfield team for first time accomplishments.”]ep



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