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St. V-M football quotes following Division III state championship win

By Michael Beaven Published: December 6, 2013

Post-game quotes from St. Vincent-St. Mary coach and players following a 24-0 win over Trotwood-Madison in the Division III state football championship on a rainy Thursday night at Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium:

coach Dan Boarman

Opening statement to a group of media members: “First off, have you guys seen better defense played than that? That was unbelievable. I have to give credit to our defensive coaches and our defensive coordinator Marcus Wattley. Our kids came to play.”

On St. V-M’s linemen on offense and defense: “We have been undersized all year, but this is a compliment to these kids intensity, their heart, their ability to run to the football and play good, tough football.”

Regarding the size of Trotwood-Madison: “They were big weren’t they? We thought they were big when we watched them on film. Wow. When they came out in person they were even bigger. That is a huge line. I am proud of our defensive front for controlling them.”

On St. V-M’s defensive unit: “It is almost expected of these guys. This is how they have played since Day One. They kicked it up a notch today. They definitely kicked it up a notch to where I think we could have played another couple days and they still wouldn’t have scored.”

On why this team is undefeated at 15-0 this season: “Obviously we have some talent. You don’t win state championships without talent, but you have got young men who are men of character, who come to practice everyday. I say they come with their lunch bucket and they come to work. That is why we are in this position that we are at.”

Regarding the team: “When you bring young men together that is probably the most important thing, to bring people who have some humility. Who understand that it is not just about me. It is about the team. We are very proud at St. Vincent-St. Mary.”

When introducing players to the media: “I am embarrassed because I still can’t tell the two apart. Aaron and Tony Adkins. Oh wait, OK, Tony and Aaron Adkins. I gotta look at their numbers [on their jersey tops]

senior linebacker-tight end Dante Booker Jr. … No. 47, Ohio State recruit

Thoughts on how the St. V-M defense played: “We have a real special defense and we came in here with good preparation. Week-by-week we wanted to get that goose egg. It was awesome to look up there and see that goose egg after the game [on the scoreboard]. It is awesome to go out and play with these guys.”

Regarding the shutout: “Our defensive coach Marcus Wattley says all the time that is not going to happen to us. We are not going to let up. We play defense here at St. Vincent-St. Mary.”

Thoughts on watching Ohio State defeat Michigan, being named Mr. Football and winning Thursday’s state title game: “It has been a huge week. That is a great honor I received and we got a second state championship. I am going to watch Ohio State play and I am sure they are going to get a W too. This has been an amazing week and something all I will always remember.”

senior linebacker-running back Newman Williams … No. 34, Akron recruit

What was the highlight of the game for you, scoring two touchdowns, recovering a fumble or running for a first down on a fake punt: “My highlight of the game was when that clock hit triple zeros and we won that state championship. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this game. I came in with the mentality that I was going to do whatever these people right here next me needed me to do, and I think I did that tonight.”

senior defensive lineman Travonte Junius … No. 30, Akron recruit

Thoughts on his interception: “When I try to get an interception I usually anticipate when the pass is coming. I usually fake a run in and then bounce out.”

senior running back-defensive back Parris Campbell Jr. … No. 21, Ohio State recruit

Thoughts on the 21-game winning streak: “This means the world to me just because of the guys I did it with. Going out my senior season undefeated with a second state championship, it can’t get any better than that.”

About being a state champion again: “When you work for something and you constantly put in the work and you finally get it, it is a wonderful reward. I am very happy and very thankful for my teammates.”

Following a question posed by media about next year: “Man, I don’t want this to end.”

senior offensive lineman Derek Whiddon … No. 68

Thoughts on how the line played up front: “We knew we going to be undersized coming into the game. We have been undersized all year, but we knew we just needed to come out and work hard. Like everybody has said, give credit to our defense. They put us in positions to where we can score on one or two plays. When the defense gets a turnover or gets a huge stop that is what motivates the offense to punch in that score. That was truly a team effort. Blocking for Parris Campbell makes it really easy, and Vince Lockett, and Newman Williams and Aaron Bushner.”

senior defensive lineman Aaron Adkins … No. 41

Thoughts on being a state champion again: “Winning a state title is something really special. Over the past three years all these guys have been my brothers.”

senior defensive lineman Tony Adkins … No. 53

Thoughts on being a state champion again: “This is pretty much every high school player’s dream to win a state championship and we did it twice. Like he said, it is a great feeling and all of these guys are my brothers. Not just Aaron.”

junior linebacker-running back Vince Lockett … No. 28

Thoughts on being a state champion again: “We executed all week in practice and knew exactly what we needed to do. We knew what kind of team we were, and that all the talk and other stuff wasn’t going to win a state championship. Playing like this on the field was going to get the job done.”

What he takes away from this season: “Being together with these guys has been wonderful. These are my brothers and I love each one of them.”



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