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State Hoops Tournament: Buchtel vs. Benedictine, Walsh vs. University

By gthomas Published: March 9, 2011

Buchtel Griffins vs. St. Benedictine 

Where:  Stow-Munroe Falls High School

In a nutshell:  Benedictine took Woodridge in their sectional game last week, but Buchtel isn't Woodridge.  Not having seen Benedictine play, it's difficult to know their strengths.  But with Buchtel it's easy:  they play pressure defense 95 percent of the time relying on that to create a high number of turnovers and easy baskets.  Offensively, they don't rely on one player.  On any given night any player on their roster can step up be it Jazel Garrett or Elijah Bell.  They also can play inside and outside offensively in that in Marlon Oden, they have someone who can consistently drop threes.

Walsh Jesuit vs. University School

I don't for a second think that University School is a match for Walsh.  I will say this, however, the Warriors need someone to step up in each in every game in the tournament to help offensive dynamo Evan Payne.  Payne has the ability to dominate again, but in several contests that I've seen the Warriors are forced to rely on him too much. Part of that comes from Payne himself who relishes carrying that responsibility and part of it comes from the fact that after Payne the rest of the roster is just a touch above average.



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