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Still in his blood

By admin Published: April 8, 2008

Tom O'Neil is still the track coach at North even though he gave up his position as head football coach after the 2006-07 season.

But that football mentality is still in his head.

While I was at a City Series track meet at Ellet Tuesday, I found it odd that O'Neil was standing along the fence near the finish line with a stop watch. Now keep in mind, the meet was between host Ellet, Buchtel and Firestone. North wasn't competing.

So I asked O'Neil, ``Hey Tom, are you helping with the timing?'' He answered, no, we run against Buchtel in a few days so I'm just scouting.''

I doubled over in laughter. I couldn't believe it.

Then again, as competitive and thorough as O'Neil was as a football coach for 12 years at North, it didn't surprise me.



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