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Wadsworth Grizzlies Lose Snowball; Deal With Suspensions

By gthomas Published: September 1, 2010

The Wadsworth Grizzlies lost a big piece of their offense in a 21-6 loss to Stow last Friday when running back Jack Snowball went down with a knee injury.

A two-way starter, Snowball was at his outside linebacker position when he injured his right knee.

‘’It’s not his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament),’’ Coach Greg Dennison said. ‘’He won’t play this week.  It’s a week-to-week thing.’’

Dennison said it’s difficult to say when exactly Snowball would return to the line-up.

‘’We’re hoping he heals quickly,’’ he said. ‘’He lifts hard in the weight room so that should help.’’

Dennison has to maintain a optimistic demeanor in light of his situation.  Snowball’s backup also went down in the game. But on the football field, misfortune can lead to opportunity for other players.  In this place freshman Martice Jackson will get the start against Wooster Friday.

‘’We wouldn’t have brought up a freshman if we didn’t feel he could do it,’’ Dennison said.

Off the field, the Grizzlies have had issues also.

Snowball’s injury was something the team couldn’t control, but there are other issues in which 10 players can only take the blame.

That’s the number of athletes Dennison suspended for last week’s game and this week’s as well - a total of 10. It all three starters and 7-8 starting positions are affected by the suspensions.  Dennison declined to give a reason for the penalties against those player other than saying it was a ‘’violation of team rules.’’



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