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Walsh Jesuit's big three all selected in MLB Draft

By jcfortun Published: June 9, 2010

The Ohio high school baseball season ended Sunday, but Walsh Jesuit’s trio of dynamic senior players is still finding ways to put themselves in the school record books.

Seniors John Fasola (Los Angeles Dodgers, 36th round, 1,102 overall), Greg Greve (San Francisco Giants, 45, 1368) and Tyler Skulina (Oakland A’s, 46, 1385) were all selected in the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft Wednesday.

``We are in a state of Euphoria,’’ Walsh Jesuit coach Chris Kaczmar said in a phone message. ``I can’t believe everything happened the way it did today, and it is tremendous for these guys to go out on a note like this.’’

While it is still improbable, although not impossible, that any member of the group will surpass future college plans to start their pro career now, hearing ones name called is still an exciting privilege and makes options all that more plentiful.

``It definitely adds another decision,’’ said Greve, who is committed to Ohio State,  in a phone interview.

The late-round selections tell little about playing ability, and more about their signability. After the first few picks, players are rarely selected on their ability alone.

If it were that simple Fasola may have gone anywhere between round six to nine, but his commitment to Kansas State and the money, and incentive, it would have taken for him to forego that opportunity doesn’t always align with organizational goals.

His performance this summer will now help dictate how much money the Dodgers will offer, and whether he will chose to take it. Fasola was selected as an infielder although the Dodgers have not ruled out an opportunity to pitch if it doesn’t work out.

``It’s a great situation,’’ his father, John Fasola Sr. said. ``He wanted to still swing the bat.’’

Fasola has shown that he has tremendous ability to do both. Fasola broke the Walsh Jesuit career home run record by hitting 10 home runs this season, including a solo shot in the first inning of Sunday’s Division II State Championship game.

Fasola finished his high school career with 22 home runs, five more than former record holder Chad Frk. But his fastball, which he dialed up to 96 miles an hour at times this season, and his sweeping slider make him a prominent figure on the mound too.

``I love playing the field, but it is pretty awesome being out there on the mound too,’’ Fasola said. ``It would be tough to put down the stick though. I like nothing better than hitting a home run and trotting around the bases.’’

Skulina, a University of Virginia recruit, has been clear his plans have been to go to college all a long. Otherwise the 6-foot-5, 240 pounder with a 95 mile an hour fastball, may have slipped into the first five rounds of the draft.



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